The Group Halloween Costumes Your Whole Squad Will Love – Kigurumi Onesies

Though it’s always hard to say goodbye to summer, the promise of pumpkin spice-flavored everything and cozy sweater weather gives us something to look forward to each fall. Even more importantly, though, the spooky season is almost upon us. Put away your old Harley Quinn getup. Forget whatever cheesy couples costume you and your boo were considering this year. Now, you can dress up as a cute animal this Halloween! e.g. Black Cat Kigurumi, Bat Kigurumi, Raccoon Kigurumi, Lion Kigurumi, Chameleon Kigurumi, Leopard Kigurumi. etc.

What combines an adorable costume/mascot and comfortable pajamas to wear around the house? Kigurumis! Kigurumi, which roughly translates as “the practice of wearing a cuddly toy” has been an iconic part of Japanese streetstyle for the past decade.The style of these pajamas are a very loose fitting onesie that has a very long torso and is usually characterized by a hood.

Not only does it work as a comfy pair of pajamas, but you can also use them to your next halloween party. And let us tell you, a comfy kigurumi like this is the easiest way to look your best while keeping comfy at the next party!

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