How to wash kigurumi onesie

Washing your kigurumi for the very first time requires some extra gentle care. Use the most delicate cycle on your washing machine and opt for cold water. This helps prevent any color bleeding or dye transfer that could ruin the vibrant hues. A mild detergent is key – avoid anything too harsh that may damage the plush fleece fabric or intricate facial detailing. This cautious approach preserves maximum fluffiness fresh from the store.

Once the colors have properly set after the initial wash, you can start using warm water if preferred. Though fabric softener is optional, it can help maintain a luxuriously soft, cuddly texture. With a bit of TLC from the beginning, your kigurumi will stay looking and feeling vibrantly snuggly for countless lazy days and convention adventures! Proper washing ensures you can fully embrace your cozy alter ego.

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