Slowpoke Kigurumi Onesie Costume For Adults

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Sometimes you just need to embrace your inner lazy and let go of all inhibitions. That’s where the ridiculously huggable Slowpoke Kigurumi comes in! This bright pink fleece onesie perfectly captures the Water/Psychic-type Pocket Monster’s goofy, vacant essence. From the glazed-over expression on the oversized head to the floppy tail and leg accents, every details oozes peak obliviousness. Wear it as a premium loungewear onesie or all-out costume – either way, you’ll be the embodiment of zero cares given. Let this gloriously ditzy look give you permission to completely zone out and drift through the rest of your night in a blissfully spaced-out haze. Responsibilities can wait – embrace your delightfully dopey side first!

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